Why ballet is so great

Kids sometimes don’t choose ballet or quit classes because it’s (in their words) “to slow, to strict, to boring”. Or parents say… “My child is not coordinated enough to do ballet, they would be better at jazz” (SHHHH secret…. Jazz started as jazz ballet…the root? BALLET)

The benefits of ballet

I thought I would shed some light on what is great about ballet from a bigger picture perspective. How ballet can help ALL other sports and why if kids stick with it and persevere, they see GREAT benefits even if they are not aiming to do dance as a profession.

Even if you just want to be a ‘jazz’ dancer or a ‘tap dancer’ or any other dancer, ballet will benefit you with better:
Focus – Balance – Strength- Flexibility Musicality – Diversity – Posture - Confidence

Ballet is the single most important key to a strong foundation in dance.

Dancers around the world appreciate the strong classical ballet foundation that their ballet teacher instilled in them. Classical ballet is the base for all other forms of performance dance. Ballet comes from a base of control. It trains the body to control the large and the small motor movements, while creating core strength in the abdominal’s and lower back.

Here are just some of the cool things that are BENEFITS of ballet:

POSTURE - One thing you will always be grateful for learning and developing is your posture. Let’s face it: everything in ballet requires good posture.

BALANCE & FLEXIBILITY - Another key point of developing your ballet technique is improving your balance and flexibility.

VERSATILITY - Within our industry this is key and will make you highly marketable as a performer. In an economy when times are slow, and in such a competitive industry, it’s better to be in a position to have adaptability and a wider range of abilities to find work.

Ballet is beneficial at all ages and I always recommend no matter why a dancer is choosing dance as a sport, to do ballet along side any other style of dance they choose. They will gain more skill in a faster time frame, learn more about their body, rhythm and improve flexibility faster (which lowers the rate of injury from other sports).

At Anita’s Dance Academy we value that all dancers come to us for different reasons, and we love to focus on each individuals’ strengths so their dancing experience is a happy, fun and positive experience.

If your dancer has not tried ballet before or perhaps dropped out before, I encourage you to get them to revisit it. Even just to try a couple of classes in their age group, you both may be surprised.