Wearable Art Show 2019

We are excited to announce that our Wearable Art Show will be held on Friday 12th April at our studio.

This show has become a tradition at Anita’s Dance Academy and each year we are amazed at the wonderful creations made by our families.

We invite you to come up with a design that your child can wear down the runway. This is a great opportunity to get the family together to brainstorm and bring your vision to life. There will be prizes for each category so your family could be walking away with a trophy to display.

There are two categories this year - ‘Classical Ballet’ and ‘Aotearoa Country and Heritage’. The first category, Classical Ballet, invites you to seek inspiration from the many classical ballet stories and tell the tale through wearable art. The second category celebrates the natural beautiful of New Zealand, inviting you to be inspired by our culture, diversity, art, landscape, music and nature.

Here is some inspiration pages for each category that Anita has put together for you:

Classical Ballet - click here
Aotearoa Country and Heritage - click here

From this week Anita will begin preparation for the show using 5 to 10 minutes of each class to tell students a ballet story; sharing the music and teach some of the famous dances. The class favourites will be danced at the show. This also educates our young dancers about the ballet heritage, broadening their knowledge and motivating them to express themselves through movement and dance.

The Wearable Art Show will be held at our studio on Friday 11th April 5.30pm to 6.30pm. If you are planning to enter a costume into the show, please complete the online form here

Please note that there is a small $10 entry fee, with all money raised going towards our scholarship fund.

We are excited to see what your family creates and we can’t wait to see the proud faces of our students as they walk down the runway.