At Anita’s Dance Academy we always aim to:

  • To make our dance school a happy, positive environment that focuses on our core values and children learning to express themselves through dance and performance.

  • To keep classes running smoothly to time.

  • To improve communication between Teachers and parents in a positive empowering way that frees Anita and Kath up to do what they do best - teach kids to dance and day to day running of a high performing dance school.

 Studio communication:

We put out information by email, Facebook private group for parents and students and by text message if more urgent. We also have key information on our notice boards throughout the term. As teachers we are also human and have things happen, unfortunately last min changes can happen, these will be communicated as best we can. We ask that parents take ultimate responsibility for finding out what is going on at the studio, please pick an appropriate time to talk to your child's teacher, class time is for teaching and we prefer that they are able to focus on that.

Our office is manned by volunteers at various times throughout the term, and will be there to answer your questions when they can.We also welcome suggestions and constructive feedback via email or our suggestion box on the notice board at the studio.

Actions for you as parents of dancers:

  • Make it your business to connect with other parents of children in your dancers class

  • Make your email, Facebook page and notice board your FIRST point of contact for all questions about classes, uniforms, shows, costumes and other events 

  • Respect the other parents who help out, they are volunteers and often doing this around work, family and other things just like everyone else - if you didn't get information please don't assume it wasn't sent out

  • Be proactive, offer to help where you can, ask for information from them

  • If you have concerns, ideas or just want to ask questions please pick and appropriate time outside of class time to have these discussions and where possible direct them to the appropriate person intended.